|| Juliet Ulman

I specialize in what is known as substantive or structural editing. This includes careful review of your text with an eye towards rectifying issues with plot or pacing, character development, narrative arc, and narrative flow. This is not done to the exclusion of editorial direction on the line-level, but in addition to such work. Line-editing consists of light copy-editing for grammar and punctuation, usage errors, correction of factual or stylistic inconsistencies, rephrasing for clarity and style, eliminating unintended repetitions, and reworking or removing awkward language.

With a substantive edit, you can expect a thorough review of your manuscript culminating in a hand-marked copy of the full manuscript and a detailed editorial letter outlining my suggestions for structural changes.

If, after completing revisions on the manuscript in question, you wish for a second editorial review on the new draft to further refine the text, we will come to an agreement regarding a second pass at a reduced rate.